Fozzi's Foam Soap Spray - 6 pack all fragrances (6 units x 11oz)

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🍓 Berry Perfectly Pink: Dive into a world of fruity fun with our Berry Splash! This delightful fragrance will fill your bathroom with the sweet scent of fresh berries, turning bath time into a berry good time!

🍊 Outstanding Orange  Add a zing to your bath with our Orange Zest! This invigorating fragrance will awaken your senses and fill your bath with a citrusy sunshine, making every bath a refreshing experience!

🍏 Apple Groovy Green: Embark on a sweet journey with our Apple Adventure! This crisp and juicy fragrance will transport you to an apple orchard, making bath time a deliciously fun adventure!

🍇 Grape Punchy Purple: Blast off into a universe of fun with our Grape Galaxy! This tantalizing fragrance will fill your bath with the scent of ripe grapes, turning every bath into an intergalactic voyage!

🍒 Bubblegum Blue: Bring a smile to your bath with our Bubblegum Blue! This cheerful fragrance will fill your bathroom with the fun scent of bubblegum, making every bath a bubblicious celebration!

🍍 Yippie Yellow Tropical: Turn your bath into a tropical fiesta with our Tropical Party! This exotic fragrance will fill your bath with the scent of fresh pineapple and banana, making every bath a tropical getaway!

Each Fozzi's Foam Soap Spray comes with a fun trigger release mechanism that sprays soap up to 8-feet, adding an extra layer of fun to your bath time or foam parties! Choose your favorite fragrance, or try them all for a fun-filled, fragrant bath time adventure! 🎉🛁🌈

Fozzi's Foam Soap Spray - Making Bath Time a Blast!