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Fozzi's Bath Products

Fozzi’s bath products are popular bath products for kids, specially formulated to not only make bath time playtime every day, but to gently cleanse young skin while moisturizing to leave your kids’ bodies cleansed and fresh.  For more detail please click here: info-Fozzis

Aranda Textiles - Home of the original Basotho Blanket

With over 66 years of experience, Aranda Textile Mills offers the market's highest quality blankets. We offer a selection of blankets and throws ranging from classic designs to contemporary colours and patterns. Our craftsmanship, combined with a commitment to on-going product development, has enabled us to secure our place in the competitive global market. Aranda produces some of the finest Furpile products in the world. Whether you need traditional Basotho blankets, branded blankets, initiation blankets, baby blankets or even throws, we have a wide selection of world class quality products that will meet all your needs.

Fizzles Bath Magic

An exciting new product which makes bathing a magical and colourful experience for kids!

FiZZLeS are scented bath water colours in the form of an effervescent tablet that dissolves in the bath and colours the bath water.

Directions: Drop 1 tablet into bath water with dry hands. Watch as it begins to FiZZLe and turn bath water into a colourful sea of bath time magic and fun adventure!  ​